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Dyeing way of textile

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With development of textile business, there are more and more kinds textile shows in the market. From of ancient times, textile is the most important business in China, and we always pay more attention to fabric. As we known, there are various kinds of fabric color, but do u know how to dye? In order to let people know more about fabric dyeing, we wanna to detailly to introduce 2 ways of it, and these are very important way in dyeing work.

1.Dip-dye: we always put fabric exhaust dyeing into the dye liquor, after long time the liquor would stay in the fabric. This way suits for all kinds of dyeing fabric, but due to the long-time production, the producion efficiency is low, however, the machine is easily to use, so dip-dye is still a popular way.

2.Tie-dyed: we put the fabric into the dye liquor in short time, then roll the fabric, this way mainly let the liquor into the space of fabric, then the liquor can evenly into the fabric, and this way can continuly dyeing work and production efficiency is high, so people always dye mass fabirc in this way.

Preceding words of 2ways are very useful dyeing way, and we here introduce very detaily and carefully, do u know more about dyeing? If u have more interests on textile knowledge, plsease contact with us, we will share more with you.

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